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Biis logo downloads are available at the bottom of this page.

Please ensure you read the following guidelines before proceeding.

While Biis distributes some of its technology under open-source licenses, the Biis brands are not distributed under the same licenses.

The following Biis "Brand Assets" are copyrighted material, and their usage is subject to the policy outlined below:

  • The Biis logos, wordmark, icon

  • The Biis name

  • Other visual assets created by Biis, including illustrations and 3D models

✅ Permitted Usage:

You may use Biis Brand Assets when:

👌 Referring to our products and services

👌 Linking to our official site or products, such as "Trade our token on Biis"

👌 Announcing an official partnership with explicit approval from a qualified member of the Biis team

❌ Restricted Usage:

While we appreciate and follow the principles of open source, safeguarding the Biis brand is crucial for our users' security, ensuring they can distinguish genuine products/endorsements from others.

Examples of prohibited uses of our Brand Assets include:

⛔️ Incorporating our Brand Assets into your product's name, logo, NFTs, etc. For instance, creating an app called "Biis Engine" or "Biis Child" is not permitted.

⛔️ Using the Biis logo, in whole or in part, within your product's logos, marketing materials, website, or other mediums. Logos resembling the Biis Icon are also prohibited.

⛔️ Using our Brand Assets to create digital or physical products for sale, including but not limited to:

  • Merchandise

  • NFTs

  • Other products

⛔️ Creating derivative names that imply official endorsement. For example, a social media group named "Biis Italy" is not permitted. "Biis Fans of Italy" may be acceptable.

⛔️ Altering or adapting our Brand Assets in any way. Please use the logos and assets as provided. Avoid modifying colors, reassembling, abbreviating, or making any changes to these assets.

Exercise creativity and apply common sense. If you wish to create something related to the Biis ecosystem, make it unique to your brand. Enjoy building a distinct brand that stands on its own merits. By offering a strong product, you won't need to rely on remixing the Biis brand.

Biis Logo Downloads:

Once you have read and understood the guidelines mentioned above, you may download the Biis logos By downloading this file, you acknowledge that you will use it strictly within the permitted terms outlined on this page.

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